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How to Solve the Most Difficult
End-Time Prophecies
Of Daniel and Revelation

(Even If You Were Never Taught a Single Thing About
Bible Prophecy)

  • No speculations

  • No conjectures

  • No theological gymnastics

    Understanding end-time Bible prophecy is all about the implicit acceptance of clear, precise instructions in prophecy interpretation from the Bible, and the Bible only. Nothing more... nothing less.

    ...that one of the surest, and most critical end-time prophecies in all the scriptures was uttered by no less than 14 Bible prophets, yet 90% of the prophecy students don't seem to have a clue about it!!? If you happen to be among this 90%, be warned:

    Ignorance of the prophetic word will be Satan's paradise in the last days.

    Yes, it will be the ideal environment by which the plan of the enemy succeeds. Unfortunately, this environment is now in the making, preparing the ground for Lucifer's end-time deception plan.

    There is a popular saying that goes like this:

    "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

    Well, many are going to pay the ultimate price for lack of knowledge in the latter days when the world will literally be placed under siege on account of the widespread proliferation of lies and half truths about the Bible. And while the world is heading for such a crisis, the level of prophetic awareness among clergy and laity alike is woefully lacking.

    DID YOU KNOW... that the BIBLE HAS PREDICTED a most dramatic event to take place in the latter days that will result in a massive deception of ALL NATIONS and lead the world into outright IDOLATRY AND DEVIL WORSHIP!!!?

    When this prophecy begins to unfold, it will signal the dawning of a NEW WORLD ORDER. Being a church member is no escape route. The hope of being snatched away in the rapture may not be the eternal assurance we think it is. Your only means of escaping this global apostasy is to FORTIFY YOUR MIND WITH THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY BEGINNING TODAY!

    To get the full details on this last-day religious crisis, you need to have this most intriguing Bible study on Revelation 13 downloaded to your computer like yesterday!!! It will make you into one of the most advanced prophecy students in no time!

    In an enthralling countdown of events leading up to the end of the world, the prophetic curtain veils will be drawn aside. Satan's shenanigans will be fully exposed. His devices will be unmasked. And you will be DEATHLY AMAZED to know who will be his chief confederates in his all-out end-time propaganda campaign for the establishment of a one-world religious culture!

    Fortunately for Us, Christ also has His Agenda

    His chief aim is to assemble a special army of end-time believers specifically for the purpose of accomplishing Satan's overthrow. In the final sequel of the great controversy, you will see how this paramilitary group rips the kingdom from Satan's grasp, and hands it over to Christ.

    You will also see the provision God has made for all those who will remain faithful to Him during the final crisis, and how important a role the knowledge of prophecy will play in the preparation for the Devil's final onslaught.

    An Education in End-Time Bible Prophecy is Your Only Defense
    Against End-Time Deception

    If the world becoming a devil-worshipping culture sounds shocking to you, chances are you need a more thorough education in the prophetic word, an education that will prepare you to withstand the Devil's last desperate attempt to deceive all nations and hold the world captive at his will.

    The End-Time Prophecy Ecourse, being the only one of its kind on the internet, is specifically designed to derail the enemy's plan for your eternal oblivion through deception.

    It will empower you with all the interpretive tools provided in the scriptures and show you how to analyze, simplify, and nail down some of the most difficult end-time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation even if you are a total novice to Bible prophecy.

    You will be guided step by step in arriving at your conclusions not by speculation, nor by theological gamesmanship, but by following simple Bible instructions EXACTLY AS THEY ARE PRESENTED IN THE WORD OF GOD.

    In a riveting presentation of end-of-the-world events, this unique prophecy course will expose, in no uncertain terms, Satan's most covert end time strategy and how he will meticulously execute his master plan for the establishment of GLOBAL IDOLATRY.

    Here is a glimpse of what you'll learn from the

  • How to use the formula A=B=C, therefore A=C to solve some of the most difficult Bible prophecies that most prophecy students are still trying to wrap their heads around.

  • Why the strict adherence to the Bible's interpretation of symbolic prophecies is the SINGLE MOST POWERFUL TOOL in prophecy study.

  • Exposing one of the most deceptive doctrines of all time that is setting up millions to take the mark of the beast and believe that they are doing something good and necessary.

  • Some of the biggest blunders in prophecy interpretation that is causing the vast majority of all prophecy presentations to miss the whole point of the mark-of-the-beast issue.

  • Who exactly is now in line to become THE BEAST THAT ASCENDS FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT?

  • Which of the existing Canon Laws of Mystery Babylon will MOST DEFINITELY be exercised in the implementation of the mark of the beast system?

  • How will the present Sabbath/Sunday worship arrangement be affected during the 1260-day reign of the Antichrist.

  • Who will be the Devil's chief agents in the final campaign to convert the world to a heathen society.

  • What on earth could possibly cause more than 3/4 of the world's population to take the mark of the beast although they have been warned repeatedly against it?

  • What will God do to counter the effects of The New World Order and set it up for a crushing defeat after the close of human probation?

    What Prophecy Students Are Saying......
    Highly Recommend This Course Of Study
    Worthy of deeper study for any student wanting truth. I highly recommend this course of study. I have been blessed and found many gems in this study. Prayerfully I ask you to consider this book to study. God bless.
    ---- J. Stringer, an advanced prophecy student from Facebook.

    Explained In Much More Complex Details
    Thanks so much for your insightful Bible prophecy teachings. I have learned a lot. I learned a great deal about the end times and the events soon to come. You explained it in much more complex detail.
    ---- A. Wallace, end time prophecy student

    What You Taught Me Did Not Exactly Put My Heart At Peace
    Thank you for producing the prophecy e-course. I have gone through it one time (along with the supplementary materials), and plan to go through it in more depth (checking the scriptures and associated passages as I go).

    I very much appreciate the labor that you have put into it, but I have to admit that what you taught me did not exactly put my heart at peace. I am troubled, especially with the part about soul sleep. I am seeking God in earnest prayer to see what He is trying to show me through all this.
    ---- D. Neergaard, end time prophecy student

    Thorougly Enjoyed It
    "Hello Steve, I purchased the prophecy e-course and have thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so many things. I now see so many end time prophecies in a different light. I have gone through the course quickly but I am going to go back through it more thoroughly as you suggest so I can, by "line upon line and precept upon precept", make sure that my understanding is complete."
    ---- Y. Boateng, End time prophecy student

    You Have Done A Good Job --- Other Stuff Totally Confused Me
    Hi Steve, I do thank you for the efforts that you have put into this. I was baptized in the Adventist church July 2001 and some of this stuff that I see here looks like you are an Adventist as well or have you studied with Adventist in your 25 years of studying Bible prophecy. As I read, you do studies on the Sabbath afternoon so not sure if you are with the mainframe or are you independent, Or another denomination altogether, either way doesn't matter which, you have done a good job. And other stuff totally confused me. Never read some of the things that you've come out with like the 1290 days--- in Daniel 12: 11 12. God bless Steve in the work that you do.
    ---- T. Creed, end time prophecy student

    End-time Prophecy E-course: A True Eye Opener
    I've always had an avid interest in end-time prophecies, and this is why I decided to purchase the "End-Time Prophecy E-course" by Steve Sterling. I expected to find a lot of similarities between this eBook and others, but I had no idea how wrong I was! This book is crammed full of information and eye-opening insights that even a layman student can understand, but if you think you know it all then brace yourself.

    There's absolutely no fluff or filler in this eBook, and it's a 161-page prophecy course that will grab you and not let you go until you've discovered all it has to offer. What makes this book so unique is that it's written by an advanced layman prophecy student for other laymen students. It's easy to understand, but hard-hitting. It takes a revolutionary approach to the mark-of-the-beast issue, which is not widely discussed in the prophecy community, and also gives an easy-to-understand comparison between Revelations and the book of Daniel. I really appreciated the link to a free eBook on how to crack the 70 week code. It's a bonus that adds real value to the course.

    What I liked most about this book, is that you don't have to sit and figure it out for yourself. You're shown the prophecies and given a full explanation to illustrate how it all fits together. It enables you to fully understand end-time prophecy, and empowers you to pass on that information to others.

    Steve Sterling has opened my eyes, and now that I know there's no going back. This eBook is worth far more than the asking price, and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about taking a prophecy course.
    ---- Mr. A. Linton, end-time prophecy student

    The Total End-Time Prophecy Ecourse Package

    end time prophecy course on the mark of the beast of revelation 13 END TIME PROPHECY E-COURSE
    How to Solve the Most Difficult End-Time Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation:
    - Exposing an impending religious conspiracy to convert the world to a new religious culture of outright idolatry and devil worship!


    end time prophecy course on the 70 weeks of daniel 9 HOW TO CRACK THE 70-WEEK PROPHECY CODE IN DANIEL 9
    An exposition on the end-time predictions of the prophet Daniel, clinically demonstrating how you can use the parallel prophecies of Daniel 2, 7, and 8 as an effective tool to unravel the seemingly difficult time prophecy of chapter 9.


    end time prophecy course on the 7 seals of revelation 5 and 6 THE SEVEN SEALS
    Countdown to the close of human probation:
    - Demonstrating the plan of salvation as outlined in the book of Revelation from the beginning of the ministration of Christ, our High Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary to the time when the door of mercy is forever closed.


    end time prophecy course on the close of probation and the 7 trumpets of revelation 8-11 THE SEVEN TRUMPETS
    The great time of trouble such as never was:
    - A graphic description of what it will be like on earth during the time of its greatest adversity when the probation of its sinful inhabitants is already closed.


    Order TODAY for a limited-time discount

You can now test-drive the END-TIME PROPHECY E-COURSE for 60 days. If you are not satisfied that this is the most idiot-proof, eye-opening, and Bible-based prophecy study you have ever undertaken, you may request a full refund.


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